Saturday, August 7, 2010


Pls relink

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I dunno wad happened, im like starting to dislike my primary 6 class, u may ask why, but i simply cant find any reason, like im left out like this, like im drifting away from them. Thankfully, i still got 1 best friend Yan Rong, i believe shes seldom online and we dun talk much, but shes like damn kind. :(
Anyway, im moving on my life and i will try to forget about 6a if i can. :) 1Faith is nice :) except for some ppl. Some of them are not so cliquely like those 6a girls. Infocomm is nice too. I know im pretty random. Infocomm is fun i get to slack in the com lab with kelly ff and charlene ff and play ff or some miniclip games. :)
Glinys is kind and nice.

Im updating this blog coz cheryl and kelly ask me one.
So bye.
I hope i can forget about sixa and get on with my new life haha.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Chelsea won the EPL. Barcelona gonna win the La Liga and Inter-Milan gonna win the Italian SerieA. Kelly hates soccer, she wants to be called Fat Fish. Let me tell u the nicknames of my classmates:
Kelly- Kelly Fat Fish
Annabel- Annabel Fat Fish
Charlene- Charlene Fat Fish
Cheryl Chan- Pek Cek
Jasmine- Rafflesia Ma'am
Qing Le- Chuah Lao Bu Si
Lorraine: "I have nothing to say"
Amanda Quek: Duck
Si Han: Chinese Letter Writing
Ruo Ann: Rotten Ant
My good fren, Yan Rong: Yan Rong (im so kind to her)
Leonard: Nerd.
Sherman: Shyerman
Ok, thats all Hehe.
I am gonna call Kelly, Kelly the Fat Fish in Jap Class.
I will not be sick when Qing Le's come back.
My frens in RI, NY, RV and St. Nicks are suffering, hi5 too. Haha XD

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Infocomm quite fun la i in programming got muilti media and pa later nvr kenna go to pa i pa monitor for 4years i then dun wan another 4years so sian but teach say will change the seniors so funny them lollol then i find chao ta like to critisize ppl quite tan bai no offence ah she very honest i like honest ppl but dunno y she so secretive so i act secretive too then the weird thing is she always say sry when not needed and nvr say sry when needed quite cute
I happy coz chelsea is back on top then wee lin always say chelsea sucks man u and arsenal roxs tmr i gonna taunt her steven gerrard okay but some ppl dun like him like amanda shen she go call him steven jia lat haha lol hope yan roing sees this i <3 to see her get angry really
tania so sick always talk about private part but nvr mind shes okay i like ppl who joke rather than quiet ones but she always talk about huntic so boring then in library yesterday a=she go twist my finger so violent siah she says she fight boys before too and win lol
bb i gonna stop liao bored

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I hate bimbos the way they talk is like so slangerish not from 1faith ah 1faith ppl are good ppl then they act like spoilt brats tell you wad yesterday it was assembly in the basketball court then one girl from x came nearly late always saw her come late LOL then tat class teacher go scold her and ask her questions u noe wad time she wake up 6.30 sian i wake up at 5.30 u noe and wad time she leave her house 7 like some kind of qian jin xiao jie i hate those ppl the most then chao ta oso like dun like her anyway chao ta is weird and cute so today i act weird towards her and her reaction so funny siah so quiet unlike her then she go home with charmine and i with rebecca rebecca sis in 3diligence then jan also know rebecca sister for cca i met some nasty ppl loh some bimbosagain so sad why everyone is like tat except 1faith la bb dun one too write so waste time

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dead blog becomes alive blog LOLLLs

Updating my blog LOLs Cheryll Lim Si Yu ask me update one. Great i go diao dao infocomm so sad siah two days rather go pub LOLs dan so troublesome nid 2 go bring out the 3rd lang transfer from and give to the hod miss susan forget her sirname LOLs she very fierce i so scared scared go find her dan muz wait outside her pe room i dunno how long dun ask me dan go moelc so sian heh still got cough dan tmr got to do pe sian somemore jog two round i wanna faint dan tat time i got mc still muz do pe i gou ke lian le my cough for 2weeks already
Dan todae mrs nath ask me stand coz i only got 8books in my phrasebook seriously i forgot to do dan only clair, cristelle and phobe nvr do
Tell u wad i got two cute frens sitting beside me one is dead fish the other is chao da sh looks like joanne peh and speaks like her too she quite quiet not hyper one but cheryll very hyper i like hyper pl jasmine, tania also very hyper they not bad la but i still prefer ruo ann si han yan rong gwps frens are still the best seriously
I dunno why but i fell in love with mj, kim hyun joong and rain's songs their songs are so nice but dunno y some ppl like dead fish dunno like them
Well i hope to meet new frens at infocomm but the sad thing is no one from gwps or 1 faith go to infocomm sad man rite boo hoo hoo dun worry i wont cry
I scared i cannot go back to gwps for cny cos i maybe have 3d lang dan yan rong a bit angry with me dan come back from st nicks saw yan rong and xin yan miss them siah i so nostagia
I wanna stop already no time boo sec1 muz do so much homework another day then update my songs ba sayonara

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

School Holiday

Well, there are 6more days to school holiday and i'm damn happy. Less than a fortnight to getting the PSLE results. Well, I really hope my aggregate score will be 265 and above. And I hope to go NJC or NuS High School Of Mathematics and Science. One thing: My dream came true, I am 3rd in class and not 4th finally. During the holidays I will be going to Genting Highlands for 5 days. I will miss some of my friends coz, some of them have been in thje same class as me for as long as 6years, others 5years


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